All unique staff obtainable in MGSV with pics, names and missions where you can get them

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There are 177 unique staff members including Snake, your avatar, Miller, Ocelot etc. However some of them don't have attached pics (see \master\data1\Assets\tpp\motherbase\script\MbmCommonSetting.lua). Best example is Silent Basilisk (staff_name_99_056) without faceId property. All soldiers with faceId property ripped from scripts have 'fid_from_scripts' flag in staff.json, others were found manually.

Some of them have missionId property, which shows where you can extract them. This property also means that these soldiers have to be rescued as prisoners. Soldiers like Malak don't have missionId because you must extract them to finish the mission or whatever.

Some faces are unique and some may change; for example your Flaming Buffalo can have a slightly different face, while Hideo has only one portrait. If a soldier has faceId greater than 600, his/her face is unique.

Notes are based on ingame scripts and can be inaccurate

Every soldier has his unique ID, which you can use for modding; for example replace Silent Basilisk with Ivory Skull to get her almost legally.

You can get pics by extracting them using MGSV QAR Tool v1.3 by Sergeanur (and convert with FtexTool) (there was a MEGA link, but github doesn't like it). Or just clone this repository.

Any help finding remaining portraits and info about prisoners in sidemissions (in game scripts) would be appreciated.

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Females only Unique faces only

Names used for name generation

Sadistic, Osprey, Twilight, Iron, Panzer, Growling, Dizzy, Piranha, Octopus, Greedy Wallaby, Bloody, Ox, Lonely, Spying, Copper, Hissing, Spitting, Jumping, Silent, Falcon, Hyena, Swan, Smiling, Mad, Dizzy, Jade, Green, Sly, Razor, Greedy, Hungry, Shark, Ferret, Wombat, Whale, Bull, Raging, Glacier, Onyx, Buzzard, Griffon, Rhino, Tigress, Flaming Stallion, Brass, Worm, Wild, Pouncing, Dark, Dancing, Unicorn, Pouncing, Hungry, Rampant, Python, Smoking, Vile, Dark, Sinister, Frantic, Biting, Gator, Mole, Vengeful, Pirate, Rabid, Mad, Hulking, Bastard, Sparrow, Goat, Cunning, Ashen, Cat, Mammoth, Bullet, Rooster, Rancid, Cobra, Running, Shining, Assassin, Phoenix, Doom, Crow, Bear, Boa, Wild, Thunder, Crying, Steel, Husky, Marmot, Roach, Poison, Zebra, Black, Bat, Frigid, Tiger, Kitten, Panther, Echidna, Serpent, Flaming, Lion, Gopher, Punching, Hissing, Turkey, Growling, Bison, Hippo, Wombat, Buffalo, Hornet, Wolf, Sunny, Running, Sinister, Crab, Otter, Frantic, Spider, Lizard, Goblin, Blazing, Punching, Badger, Gibbon, Ashen Mongoose, Ice, Eel, Sky, Gray, Crystal, Bitter, Cunning, Devil, Adder, Dingo, Razor, Rumble, Boa, Armored, Howling, Laughing, Moth, Panzer, Dhole, Hound, Whale, Jackal, Howling, Eel, Raging, Weevil, Serpent, Ochre, Moose, Weasel, Devil, Grizzly, Rumble, Beetle, Night, Marlin, Scowling, Python, Husky, Gazelle, Wasp, Leopard, Vengeful, Blazing, Viper, Owl, Boar, Blue, Panda, Vampire, Coyote, Midnight, Elk, Mustang, Glacier, Charging, Macaw, Prowling, Brutal, Jaguar, Vile, Stubborn, Marlin, Hippo, Cannibal Harrier, Mouse, Roach, Stalking, Agama, Smoking, Death, Golden, Creeping, Slug, Harrier, Death, Rogue, Jackal, Gecko, Osprey, Mastiff, Ram, Rabid, Bloody, Brass, Rampant, Crawling, Raccoon, Titanium, Killer, Spunky, Roaring, Striker, Lynx, Sloth, Creeping, Raptor, Wasp, Cannibal, Flaming, Prowling Wallaby, Frigid, Iguana, Stalking, Llama, Crimson, Scowling, Bullet, Crawling, Wallaby, Armored, Killer, Prowling, Sly, Mantis, Lonely, Sly Sturgeon, Silver, Koala, Charging, Wallaby, Bitter, Stone, Greedy, Raving, Buzzard, Eagle, Obsidian, Dire, Hawk, White, Raving, Thunder, Roaring, Hog, Spitting, Cheetah, Sadistic, Seething, Heron, Agama, Rancid, Dragon, Hunting, Seething, Orca, Vulture, Spying, Hunting, Fire, Harrier

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