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FOB event info:

Name: Mosquito's Legacy

Description: A former comrade, Mosquito, once plotted to take over Mother Base in his mad pursuit to exact revenge on Big Boss. The stronghold of the PF he commanded has been located. There, remnants of Mosquito's PF are attempting to rebuild the organization. Make sure this does not happen. Infiltrate the enemy platform, and make it to the core.

Specified Period: 2018/02/20 to 2018/03/06 (YYYY/MM/DD)

Other events:

Name: New World Order

Description: Upstart PFs are appearing all over the globe. Though inspired by Diamond Dogs, their reckless actions, motivated by money, have brought chaos to our areas of operations. Not only have they brought discredit to the PF industry, they are now on the verge of triggering new conflicts. One of these PFs, known as "No Alert," has requested that we infiltrate their rival "Kill Count." Your mission is to infiltrate the base and put Kill Count's personnel and materials to better use in Diamond Dogs.

Name: Bound Dragons

Description: We've received a new contract from small-time PF "NO ALERT." They claim that the hardline PF "KILL COUNT" has been repeatedly abducting and interrogating NO ALERT personnel. The mission objective is to infiltrate a KILL COUNT platform, extract as many prisoners as possible and reach the goal point.

Name: Freedom from Oppression

Description: Under contract from the embattled up-and-coming PF "NO ALERT," we are to mount an assault against "KILL COUNT," a PF whose hardline business policies have seen them chew through countless mercenaries and worsen the violence in conflict regions, all while filling their own pockets. The mission objective is to liberate local soldiers who are being oppressed by the KILL COUNT upper echelons. Infiltrate the enemy platform and reach the goal point, extracting or eliminating as many enemy soldiers as possible along the way.

Name: Skulls Attack

Description: An FOB belonging to rookie PF "NO ALERT" has suddenly come under attack by remnants of the Skulls. We believe some other PF with a grudge against NO ALERT has sent in captured Skulls as bio-weapons. The men staffing the FOB have been turned to puppet soldiers, bringing a halt to the FOB's functions. NO ALERT has offered us an emergency contract to resolve the problem. Your mission objective is to eliminate the 4 Skulls occupying the FOB.

Name: [HARD] Mosquito's Legacy

Name: [HARD] New World Order

Name: [HARD] Bound Dragons

Name: [HARD] Freedom from Oppression

Name: [HARD] Skulls Attack

Info list:

ID: 6758

Message: ** [Event] "Mosquito's Legacy" Event FOB missions **

Beginner-friendly Event FOB missions !
Infiltrate this Event FOB with no fear of retaliation (the enemy force will not counter-attack your base), and exchange the Event Points you earn for amazing rewards!

[Event Point rewards]
- Limited edition event-only FOB color schemes. / weapon colors. / FOB staff swimwears.
In addition, you can trade for various exclusive rewards such as s, s+, s++ staff, etc.

[Event period]
Feb. 20, 2018, end of maintenance time to Mar. 06, 2018, 5AM (GMT)

* Event rankings are not available.

ID: 6768

Message: ** [Event] "Mosquito's Legacy" Event FOB missions **

* Access the Event Points exchange via [FOB MISSIONS] [Events] [Event Points Exchange].
* Event Points are only valid during the event in which they were earned.

* Event Points are not carried over to the next event.
Be aware that any Event Points earned during this event will be lost when the event period ends.

* Event FOB missions can only be played after completing Episode 22 in the main game.

ID: 6778

Message: ** FOB Security Challenge upgrade event! **

This week there are special bonuses for FOB Security Challenge players!
Infiltrate an FOB with Security Challenge enabled during the event period, and earn double the resource-related rewards!

[Event period]
Feb. 20, 2018, end of maintenance time to Feb. 27, 2018, start of maintenance time.

ID: 4569

Message: ** MB Coin validity period (Users situated in Japan) **

MB Coins are subject to a 180-day validity period, regardless of whether they were purchased or received for free (this applies to Japan only).
Be aware that any MB Coins that remain unused when the validity period runs out will be rendered unusable.
To check the usage status of your MB Coins, view MISSIONS LOG MB Coins in the in-game iDroid menu.