MGSV weapons table


These tables contain vital information about MGSV guns. Please read README for basic info here -
Most of info was ripped from \master\0\00\Assets\tpp\level_asset\weapon\ParameterTables\parts\EquipParameters.lua and \master\0\00\Assets\tpp\motherbase\script\WeaponPartsCombinationSettings.lua using MGSV QAR Tool v1.3 by Sergeanur, FoxEngine.TranslationTool and some Python magic.
All parts table is sorted by part type and used when you need it.
Open slots table is sorted by type (frame->barrel) and amount of slots (from less to more). You should use it when you need to find a frame with many slots for example.
Default gun parts table has all parts for every single default gun. Not sure when you'll need to use this, nonetheless it is here.
All data is parsed from json files from /js/ directory.
Weapons with West, Com, DEMO and other prefixes are used by enemies such as TppEquip.WP_West_ar_040; you cannot develop them.

How to identify your gun (using SERVAL grade 7 as example)

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Development flow load
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All parts load
Type Name Img partsID Description

Open slots on barrels and frames load
partsID Name Slots

Default gun parts load
Frame Barrel Magazine Stock Muzzle Muzzle option Flashlight Sight Laser sight Foregrip